Friday, November 25, 2011

All chors rise as one to defend their house and rights!

The unthinkable happened yesterday when the ‘parliament rose as one’ to condemn attack on Pawar. Janata Dal chief Sharad Yadav criticised the electronic media for showing one slap as 50 slaps by repeatedly broadcasting that one tight slap.

Good I say! Time and again our democratic leaders have been given this wake up call and I must say that any form of physical pain is any day to be feared than let’s say a weekend getaway @ The Tihar. Mr Pawar said that the people had the right to raise their voice in a democracy but not at the cost of its institutions.” Thank you Mr Pawar for this short and succint lesson in democracy.

As you say this system of country management is for the people, by the people and of the people and when the people think that their voices are not heard (never heard by the way) they will resort to one tight slap which will resonate across the House of Chors and deliver a little warning. Little because you will go back to consorting with criminals and looting the country. Case in point being his declaration of income and assets as being worth only 12 crores. I think even 12 crores will make him liable to be sued in the court for earning through illicit means as a man of only modest employment (read government of India). We spend our entire lives honestly paying tax through deduction at source and still struggle to earn even a quarter of what Sharad Pawar has declared on the Prime Minister’s website.

When things go south laughter is the best policy, so please do check out these comments the readers posted on Times of India website at
You will laugh till the tears in your eyes wash away the 12 crore silliness!


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