Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sharad Pawar slapped by ‘serial slapper’ Harvinder Singh

I loved Anna Hazare’s comment “what only one slap?” when Sharad Pawar was giving one tight one by the aam aadmi.
Alas slaps are wasted on politicians because by the time you want to slap them they are already being inhuman, I mean incapable of feeling normal human emotions like shame, scruples, embarrassment. So a slap would be like a mere fly sitting on their cheek. The fly could derive some satisfaction when the person ends up slapping himself while attempting to drive the fly away.
We need more such serial offenders. I say we need to go beyond slapping and indulge in some good old-fashioned activity of the donkey and chappal-garland variety.
Kidnap the politicians, make them sit on a donkey, paint their faces black and hang a garland made of chappals around their neck. Of course stoning is mandatory. Let us drive fear in the hearts of these useless and very expensive (witness scams) leaders so that they think twice before indulging. It’s about time we make them realise that the price of ‘leading’ a country might occasionally lead to such occupational hazards

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