Monday, October 5, 2015

Person of the Week- Priyanka Chopra

"I guess you will never know now!" is the confident retort of Alex Parris to a random stranger who she indulges in a wham bam with before leaving him without either her name or number.

Congratulations Priyanka Chopra- you are as at ease with American TV as you are in Indian Cinema.
You can act, you can walk, you can wield (a gun) and you can TALK.  For all the naysayers, Priyanka has passed in flying colours her diction and dialogue delivery exam.  No, her accent was not jarring, it was as natural to hear say Ellen Pompeo's or Sandra Oh's.  No slip-ups, no boredom of diction or an obvious faked one. Keep it up.
PC is the most exciting actress I have see on screen.  She lost her way some years ago in Zanjeer, Anjana Anjani or even doing the explicit number in Ram Leela.  It can call ir explicit but it takes enormous talent to dance the way she did.  Okay - ticks on all scores- dance- tick, act- tick, perform- tick, screen presence- tick.  Now lets focus on quality of content.  Lets hope Quantico is here to stay like Castle or Grey's Anatomy and PC becomes the toast of American television.

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