Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Switching off

One week in the Andamans has given me a contentment hangover and i hope it never wears off.  I don't expect anyone to call me, I haven't missed anybody so far, I dont 'want' anything and am just as I said earlier- content.  And now before i utter the the c word again, I won't for the fear of it going away!
But with the 'good' hangover comes the bad as well...of sorts.  I cannot bear the crowds, cannot bear being among them, cannot bear interacting with them and alas I am a householder and therefore by definition my life rests on interacting with people to take it forward.  To the extent that I now plan my grocery/ shopping forays @ 8pm when the crowds start thinning, I contact the anonymous customer service that does my work so that I don't have to step out, so far it is working out fine. I fully realise that this idyllic world will end once summer vacation ends.
Sigh! Till then I am floating on the c cloud!

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