Friday, September 14, 2007

Modak, Aaraas, aarti, prasad and lots of fun!

Its that time of the year- I think Ganapati is more exciting than Diwali. This year the theme of my Ganpati is "Shetatla Ganpati" - representing bountiful harvest. We have sown mustard, fenugreek, aaleev, rice and we can already see the seeds sprouting. In the next couple of days Ganpatichi murtee will be surrounded by an abundant crop. I have placed the murtee in the middle surrounded by cardboard strips on which I have shovelled soil (using the children's sand set) and sown these seeds. We hope that this year will bring the same abundance in our lives a nd those of our near and dear ones- family, friends, colleagues, those whom we work for and those who work for us!


Neelum said...

hey wonderful idea.....send photos...pls....

Sushrut said...

khupch chaan
ati uttam
keep it up!!!

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