Thursday, November 21, 2013

The shenanigans of the not so 'tarun' Tejpal

My mother says that when things take a turn for the worse, laughter is the best medicine and hence I am going to make Mr. Tejpal the butt of this blog to make my sisters smile.
And also rub it in I am going to refer to this person as Mr. Tejpal, the annotation preceding the name being as discordant as the act that he committed.  So as events turn out, Mr. Tejpal was in Goa for a ‘Thinkfest’. Aha what better a place to make a drunken fool of yourself, alas a young lady was at the receiving end of those antics or shall I say ‘drunken banter’.  So a few, loose slurred words, free conversational snippets thrown at the lady as a result of inebriated state; heck we are in Goa for God’s sakes so what’s a few one too many and what’s a few words here and there so what if they are sexual in nature, come on we are Goa, the young lady should learn to take in the right ‘spirit’, the right spirit of course being indulging Mr. Tejpal his ‘banter antics….” Young lady you have a lot  to learn here.
That lesson being delivered to the young lady, shall we now turn our attention to the esteemed Mr. Tejpal who pioneered sensational journalism in pursuit of justice and bringing the high and mighty on their knees (err…not for those reasons.  Then Mr. Tejpal still wore the righteous ‘Fab India’ Kurta Pyjama literally and figuratively and had a pen stuck in his pocket).  Now he looks like Ass I am Bapu. And follows his spirit too!  The managing editor of Tehelka (which Mr. T founded and edits and chief) has said that the victim was attacked on two occasions by Mr. Brilliant and these incidents were followed intimidation the sort that run on these line- you know what you need to do to keep your job’  Sheeeh, I almost spat out in anger and disgust.
But wait, Mr. not so young and no longer brilliant has been swept by remorse and has apparently shot off a letter to the lady asking her apology and that there was a ‘bad lapse of judgment’  Well what do we have here? A bad lapse of judgment indicates that he decided to molest lady but that doing it in this fashion was a ‘bad lapse of judgment’.  Because this is what a lapse in judgment means. It means hiring the wrong people, it means making deals with people you are going to regret, it means taking up the wrong job, it means making out in the elevator knowing fully well there are ccTV cameras.  It means trusting the wrong people. Now all this are instance of lapse in judgment.  Since when has molesting, raping, heaping sexual innuendos become a part of ‘bad judgment’? You are ready, dick in hand, drink in head, with full intent to make wrongful advances of the non-mutual kind and go ahead later only to realize what you stand to lose….now now, boy, that is not bad judgment that is bad moral fabric, rotten, thin on the verge of tearing. That you perceive it is bad judgment only means that you thought it should have been done at some other time maybe? Or with another person?
I am so disappointed with these excuses.  Being inebriated is the oldest excuse in the book. Well if you were drunk Tarun, then why didn’t you jump in the pool, or the sea with your clothes  or without, dance on the table a la Shabana Azmi *( but she was not drunk and did not molest anybody).  Why didn’t you start a laugh riot or  make an advance on a young man instead of a young woman? Why did you not indulge in a bit of rumpy pumpy with your male colleague?
All people in power (men and women) are drunk on power and also shrewd. You did the right thing (for yourself) by shooting off a letter as a form of unconditional apology and even indulged in a little righteous self- flagellation by recusing yourself as the editor for the next 6 months.  
What’s the hurry Mr. Tejpal? Don’t want the world to know that what a naughty boy you have been?  That you wanted chase some skirt and take the chase to its rightful conclusion (I don’t know how that was possible in a drunk state though).  Now that we know, really,  there is no need to hurry.  Let your name and mug be flashed in newspapers across the country, let the heinous word ‘rape’ be associated with your name, let us subject you to complete humiliation in your chaste kurtas.  I hear you have a wife and kids (daughter among them).  What do they feel?  Do they look at you in disgust, refuse to let you come near them, refuse to touch them?  A touch that was once fatherly, paternal, encouraging? 
What’s the hurry for doing ‘penance’ for the act that ‘lacerates’ you?  Now that the public has knowledge, let there be ‘chee tu’  and a complete fall from hallowed grace that you enjoyed.  Enjoy the ignominy and mortification because you showed ‘lapse in judgment’.

Sister, my heart goes out to you. Be strong and take the effing bastard down!

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