Thursday, September 13, 2007

Heroes Forever!

The earliest pin-ups in my cupboard were all tennis players- Martina Navratilova (she was the first and most favourite) Steffi Graf, Sabatini, Monica Seles, Chris Evert and Boris Becker. As years passed by even Salman Khan found a home next to my books and I have often thought about it- why Salman Khan of all the people. I have never been a fan. There were also a few figure skating posters of east German skaters whose names I forget, some Banana Republic posters- men in white shirts and a day old stubble.
The last poster I pinned was (believe it or faint) (and I forget the name here) was of a character actor who was a part of Bold & Beautiful TV series. What was his name????He was the villain who turned into a good guy and actually marries the villain....what was his name? The strange thing was I don't remember having lusted after these guys or anyting. The sports people were the real heroes (puhlease no cricket) No one could serve and volley like Navratilova, or do a mean forehand like Steffi or grunt like Monica, after all she started the trend. Sabatini was the Chris Evert of the 90s, Boris was the blue eyed boy (who went all wrong post tennis- imagine being caught in a cupboard with a maid!!!!) Of course now I smile indulgently when my daughter so adoringly stick a poster in her room. My first thought is that the paint will peel when she takes it off. So we have a pact- everything that needs to be put up, goes inside the her book, clothes and games rack. Nothing on the walls.
We actually waited for the Sportstar issue every month and could hardly wait to see who the pin up for that month was- imagine my glee it being a tennis star and such disappointment when the honour went to a cricketer with their dumpy clothes and heavy bodies and really dumb looks. Tennis stars were gods- I mean they looked like gods of their game. Now if Iwere to relive my "pin-up" days who would it be? Why, Roger Federer of course. Silly you would ask me!


Sonia said...

yes i absolutely loved Steffi Graf - infact i remember, i used to tie my hair the same way when i played badminton and i wished i had legs like her. but guess who was on my walls - a picture of mickey mouse that i had painted and one of Cliff Richard (the singer) and one of apna Mai ka la Jai kisan - and as you said it i didnt really like them or anything - its just that i had won them in one of those silly party games like musical chairs or memory or some such thing.

Jennifer said...

For me, I was a huge Steffi fan back in the 80's and 90's. Steffi was my favorite, and her matches with Martina, Monica, and Sabatini were legendary. That said, my first pin-up was of Chris Evert. In fact, I tried to copy Chris's game in every way, and weared my hair just like hers. Chris and Steffi both had great legs, and I wish mine looked half as good as theirs. So, my all time favorite was Steffi, followed by Chris, Monica, Sabatini, and Martina. I did like Boris, but his matches with Stefan Edberg were not as entertaining as the Steffi/Sabatini or the Martina/Chris matches. Monica and Sabatini hooked up in some classic duels, but I always liked Steffi's matches with Sabatini the best. Steffi's forehand was awesome, but I also liked Sabatini's backhand and Monica's power. Monica's grunting was annoying, and was the only blemish in her matches with Sabatini and Steffi.

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