Thursday, October 11, 2007

The year is coming to an end

Ganapati cha visarjan zhala, sigh!
Now its Diwali and I have decided to make all the Faral goodies at home. So, Ganpati, Dassera, Diwali and Christmas holidays; thus comes 2007 to its end and then its time to view the same old 'new year' programmes. Well but the subject of my rumination is the city of Chennai with all its strangeness. It has medicine shops that stocks " all vetnary medicines and English medicines", "encourage" and "discourage" are two words that I have come across more frequently than in the books I have read (goes to show that Chennai is indeed consarrvative). I was given a circular by the society association containing all rules that residents have to adhere to 'in order to live in peaceful harmony'- "drivers are discouraged from loitering in areas other designated' which means they are encouraged to loiter in designated areas!!!! They shall not drink in the parking or smoke or gamble and are also discouraged to talk agressively, spit or interact with people living in the colony. So here again we find 'encourage/ discourage.
Hotel Aiswarya serves 'Chettinadu , Chainies and Andhra'
Hotel Bharani also does 'Tiffen'
many more such until my next thought-blog

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Neelum said...

Hey you are one hell of an enthu person...first modaks, now shift to S'pore!! I would love to have you as my neighbour !!!!! least I expect is for a bit of ur enthusiasm to brush off on me!!

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