Friday, January 10, 2014

Hair- Our holy grail!

Hair is our holy or hell-y grail, depends on how you look at it.
We carry this grail everywhere searching for droplets of succor- from the newest shampoo in the market, to flashy hair conditioners and product that is flogged by beauty parlors to home tips that mothers and grand mothers specialize in.  But be warned, once you have tried home remedies, your kitchen and bathroom won,t ever smell the same again. Add to that there pots and pans will have piled up in sink that bear strange substances stuck to the bottom.
Here are the many reasons I am constantly preoccupied with my hair but have been freed from this bondage lately (but more about that later)
1. If I use a conditioner, people tell me "your hair looks thin, sorta like brittle rice noodles, what have you done to them (with a suspicious gaze hovering just above the fringe of my hair)?
2. Your hair looks flat and listless, why don't you use a conditioner (I am in kill this person right now mode).
3. Hey, your hair looks as dry as hay (here the person touches the hair a bit to prove a point), oh god the dryness will lead to dandruff!)
4. A friend who has just used the bathroom will advise me on the right shampoo and conditioner and will also throw in the beneficial uses of egg yolk and beer for good measure.  Believe me I have tried it once and i feel eggs are best eaten and beer is best drunk or worst smelled...on hair, it is pointless.
5. Mothers (I have only one, but i refer to a section of society as such) and grand-ones will wage an all out war on the amount of product they find in my bathroom.  "Believe me, you will barely have hair by the time you reach our age.  Shampoos, conditioners, lotions, hair smoothing agents, this-shoo, that-shoo"
I am at my wits end.
Thus I carry my hair like a cross that I must bear- empowering and hurting us me the same time.
Living in a city that has dust, heat, sun, humidity and sweat wrecking havoc on my most prized possession is like watching your baby in the pool learn to swim under the tyranny of the coach while you look on helplessly! I am itching to wash my hair at least thrice a day.  When I step out to cycle is when my hair bears the the brunt of external onslaught. Oh yes did I forget to mention, I smell of traffic as well?
I need something that will recharge my hair and free up my life bandwidth.  I won't go to the beach for the fear of the salty and moisture-laden breeze, I avoid wearing a helmet for the fear of clamping hair with sweat, I would love to grow my hair but need to keep it manageably short so that hair care is not a pain and does not eat into my time. I would love to leave my hair untied and then stylishly swish it back with my ring finger like hip people do. I would love for my hair to be in the limelight for the right reasons and not like those mentioned in points 1- 5. I would love for my hair to be wavy, fluffy, alive and breathing instead of looking like a wet, timid mouse.
I would love to come up for h'air' more often than being held down by worry over my hair.

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