Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Bold and The Botoxed

Sigh! The serial that set the television world on fire in the early 90s- The Bold and The Beautiful is just not the same anymore. I happened to catch it on Z Cafe the other day and curiosity got the better of my future embarrassed self and it persisted in seeing what the bold and beautiful people were up to!
Well i 'll be.....
The soft focus effect was still there, only now I rubbed my eyes to see better.  The effect was actually 'cataract-y'
Eric and Stephanie looked ridiculous trying to look fit and in control. It was as if they were frozen in a coffin of talcum powder and ice and the tanning machine that made them look more brown than the neighboring Panamanian or Fidel Castro. The leading ladies- most notably Brooke looked altered- the areas above the lips, the eyebrows looked funny. They looked broader and of course who can forget the spectacularly, rank, bad acting by these folks who ruled the world of fashion from their mansions.  And Dr. Taylor Hayes, Ridges' other love who I thought looked so beautiful and fragile looks like a monkey now, her lips look abnormally bloated, eyes look out of place on a human face....she looks like that frightening-looking Duchess of Alba.  I mean in a few years she will definitely get there.  The males look old and well preserved like Karl Lagerfeld. Who wants to watch this serial? bad music, bad acting, bad kissing, bad love-making scenes, faux fashion and....hey wait right there, there needs to be this perverted desire in the makers and producers of this serials to carry on. I mean why spend mega buck on making the suave vampire series? You already have one! The dead and botoxed!

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