Sunday, November 20, 2011

Have you ever chucked things you didn’t need?

I have and if not for experiencing the spiritual lightness it lends, then do it for the fun of just junking stuff that you absolutely do NOT need.
I clear my cupboards with an amazing regularity and not it has become addictive. So sadly you will not find wrapping paper, chart paper, sundry tissue papers, springs, footwear, clothes, kitchen items (like dishes, bowls, glasses, katoris, kadhais, vessels) electronic items (though I will admit that I can start a small enterprise on the footpath selling USB ports), plastic bottles and containers, empty pots that held dead and withering plants, extra plastic buckets blah blah and blah in my home. I clear things whether spring or not.

Its spring time in my house all the time. Once my zeal got the better of me and I ended up with having to shop for clothes. No regrets though. A healthy home is one that doesn’t have to lend its corners for stowing all sorts of garbage. Literally and figuratively….for that’s what this post is about.

Just as you junk what you don’t need, have you tried to trim the excess baggage that your mind carries inside it every day for the rest of your life? Sit back and evaluate- bitterness, sadness, reluctance to let go, grudges, memories that you regularly dredge up and let your mind well in unpleasantness all over again. You are a walking talking house with junk falling off the balcony. I came across this thought is a magazine by the Bihar School of Yoga. I couldn’t agree with more.

Just let go of thoughts that increase your heartbeats (that is my test for unwelcome thoughts. These days I feel my pulse do a head banger’s ball when an unpleasant memory swims to the surface) I play a quick twenty questions with that memory as if it were a personified object. Let’s say I replay an incident where I feel that the person in question has wronged me. I feel outraged at the unfairness. The wrong hasn’t yet been righted and never will be so I will forever feel ‘wronged’. Is it right to let the memory pummel me till I feel sick? The person has been bad to me only once but I take over from that person and like a sadist let the memory dictate me into feeling anger and helplessness each time I think about that incident. Enough! Is Enough!

Believe me trashing things you don’t need is fun. So is trashing things in spirit a lot more fun. Imagine you have lit up a bonfire (just like on Holi) and are tossing things into it, one by one. You will be surprised how light you feel, how easy you will breathe when you toss that excess baggage (of people, emotions, feelings) . You feel free. You think it is easy? Ha! Try it. It is like flying. Once you have learnt how to fly, can anyone stop you?

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