Wednesday, July 25, 2007

How to have more time to yourself.

Girls, you are no superwomen. Raising children, working, possibly living together with parent in laws, its a tough life at the end of which you have no time at all. What a life, financially independent and then what? Do you have time to catch a movie, read a book in bed, watch some TV, maybe even catch up with friends for a couple of hours once a month, write your blog, or just do nothing.
Frankly I am surprised our mothers brought up up without any second line of support. I can even do with a third or fourth. They were by themselves and husbands then (our fathers) were not great help around raising children. They were around as mythological figures, providers, bread winers, people who punished and rewarded and occassionally asked the progress of the young ones they helped to get into this world.
My point is (and tough it may be frowned upon by many worthy individuals) delegate your domestic chores and this means getting hired help. It is dificult as all good things in life are, but once you have it, then you can literally reach for the sky. You will be amazed at how this little step can free up your time and effort. Once you have talked to your potential nanny and found out that she is able (possibly even more than you) it is time to negotiate her salary. Please do not be niggardly as she can be her weight in gold. The ideal nanny can cook, look after your baby, shop for kitchen supplies and be a super help when you have guests coming over for a meal. She is interested in trying out new recipes, will respond in baby talk to your little one, can speak English, answer the phone and take messages.
You thought this existed only as a dream sequence of a bad Hindi movie? Of course it is!

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